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What flavor is good for ice cream?
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Foods such as ice cream belong to the category of hobby foods, so aroma is very important. The flavors and fragrances used must meet the following conditions.

       1. The aroma of flavors and fragrances and the smell of ice cream base must be coordinated

       For example, its aroma must be commensurate with cream and other milky aromas; in fruit juice ice cream and pulp ice cream, the harmony of aromas between flavors and juices and pulp is very important; for the increasing variety of frozen desserts, the flavors and fragrances used are not only compatible with the ice cream base To be harmonious, the snacks and biscuits eaten with ice cream must also be harmonious.

       2. The aroma balance must be achieved at low temperature, and the aroma must be exudative or volatile

      The advantage of low temperature for flavors and fragrances is that natural fragrances that are more sensitive to temperature and light can be used. Only these fragrances are most likely to produce a rich variety of aromas.

       3. Flavors and fragrances can be evenly dispersed in the ice cream matrix, but there are exceptions.

Flavors and fragrances are mostly added in several times after the ice cream matrix is sterilized to before freezing. Generally, the aroma is about 0.1%; sauces and nuts are added when filling, and the amount of addition depends on the specific variety, and the sauce And nuts etc. should be sterilized and cooled before adding. The main forms of flavors used are:

      (1) Water flavor (water-soluble flavor)

        The aroma components of this type of flavor are easy to dissolve and disperse in water, not only can be uniformly mixed in the ice cream base, and easy to operate, but also have the advantage that the aroma is easy to emit at low temperatures.

      (2) Emulsified flavor

        The aroma is softer than water-based flavors, and can produce a strong sense of richness. There are many types of flavors such as milk, coffee and nuts.

      (3) Powder flavor

        Requires the use of capsule powder flavors, the aroma characteristics and usage are similar to emulsified flavors.

      (4) Sauces

       Compared with the above-mentioned flavors, which are mainly aromatic ingredients, and the fragrance rate is only 0.1% when used, a large amount of flavoring ingredients such as chocolate and coffee and fruit juice flavors are used in the sauce, which is prepared into a sauce shape with aroma and taste. Time plus

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